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I’ve come to the conclusion that the BioCode System is extremely useful and it’s conditioning, plain and simple.  — it cuts straight to the heart of what actually works to produce behavioral change. BioCoding is a way of effectively disciplining and strengthening myself that really does achieve a lasting change, and contains a real core of respect for people and a true understanding of how people work.

Len Fenwick CEO of The 25th Hour, organizing your life.


Empowerhouse training has helped take my corporate training skills to new heights! We live in an always-on world, where perpetual connection has revolutionized daily life and unhinged the effectiveness of stability. Never before has it been so critical for our company to think about our employees’ complete well being and experience at work as a high priority –

Kathy Ronay, Facilitator- Trainer, Delta Airlines Internal


“One of the things I love most about the BioCodes is how real life it is… Making it possible for people to embrace life with all it’s daily challenges  and see that is normal and they can grow from where they are everyday! And that over time they can grow stronger and feel freer and empowered to live and love life.”

Andrew Scott, CEO and President of JamFestTM , Music and Arts Festival,  large-scale group events produced by Cool Dudes Entertainment.


“I love that I have a “make my life workout,” daily strengthening plan  from the BioCode system that turns the phrase “ you’re only as strong as your weakest link” into my opportunity to empower myself from my weaker points.” Powerful Empowerment!

Julia Anne, founder and CEO of FullyFresh LifestyleTM

 “The power of The bioCodes workout is in its ability to help very smart and already high-performing people change their current behaviors to be even more effective.”

Dr Howard Saul, DO Board Certified Gynecologic Oncologist, Cancer Care of Southern New Jersey

What I love about the BioCode System is that it really fills a need  .... " What to do with life's difficult challenges ... In the moment .." So many great tools and techniques for navigating real life , real time !! You definitely tapped into a void that hasn't been filled! So useful for all people.

Jodi Williamson, President of IBUR Coach, Inc.

“A different yet powerful approach to personal fulfillment and relationship.  Dr Jill shows how taking care of yourself help to take care of those around you. She defines a new, easier way of relating to yourself and to everyone else in your life.”

Kathy Womack, Former Executive Producer, CNN

“We see the signs but we pretend they will go away. Then one day the signs become so overwhelming that our bodies have no choice bu t to recognize them and act- or cease to act, when the signs will no longer matter. It seemed as if I had reached the end of the line. Dr Jill gave me insight and strength.. and life.

Heshie Segal, President and Co-Founder of What if, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the enhancement of educational and life experiences of youth.


Dr. Jill shows us the power that lies within ourselves that will work the miracles that we want and meed in our individual lives. 

Diana Nightingale, Author, international speaker and CEO of Keys Publishing, Inc.


“Be prepared for the ‘Olympics of Transformation and Change with this trainer of the mind and body! Dr Jill Holds nothing back in cheerleading you on to be the best you can be. Michael McKeller, physically challenged adventurer, professional speaker and writer. Creator and host of television show Extreme Mike, an Emmy awarded- nominated show.

Dr. Jill encourages your mind to stretch into an entirely new way of thinking. She presents profound solutions, in the most unique ways, making everyday dilemmas seem easier. James Wermert, CEO Zephyr Group Enterprises, Harvard MBA.

 Dr. Jill is the most authentic person who offers a gritty honesty, practical wisdom. She has an ability to meet you where you are and make you believe that you will “be ok” no matter what life challenges you are facing.

Dr Nari Mothar- Ford, M.D.


 Dr Jill worked in a direct personal and intimate fashion with with our company to help us discover and enforce our own leadership skills. Transforming from individuals apprehensive of change to stronger leaders who face challenges head on. Dr. Jill enlightened us in an organic natural way through passion and dedication for improving every aspect of not only our business life but life itself.

Beverly and Jay Fenello, Keller Williams Reality

 Empowerhouse takes active ownership with their strong, BioCoaching style. The professional development of their original method, The BioCode SystemTM, is reflected with passion into their leadership  programs. They helped our firm reach new heights teaching us where our weakest links were and how to strengthen and development them into strong healthy functional habits, mobilized for success. Reaching new, high targets with our clients.
John Stulak, President of EthoTech, accounting software firm
 The power of the concept emPowerHouse calls The BioCode System™ is understanding timeless human truths against which you can position leaders to make a difference in people’s lives.

Amy Szumstein, CCRN, SC, Wellness Coordinator www.amysz.juiceplus.com





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Dr Jill Kahn is the Founder of, A Pep Rally For Your Spirit, monthly rally to support, empower and re-energize your spirit!


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