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Our Mission is to develop the muscle behind the greatest leaders ever built. We are transforming companies from the inside out by building leaders via the greatest inner strengthening program.

We are not your typical consultancy; We are the source and resource for everyday empowerment — the empowerment  experts — who create self directed leader success through our revolutionary, BioCode System. 

We work selectively with companies who value long term partnerships – positively and absolutely impacting their business.

 Getting in shape is no longer just dumbbells in a gym.

 Make your leadership workout program is going to give you personal power from the inside out. We work directly with companies in pursuit of investing in leadership training, to develop their ability and discipline, to be able to strengthen to go above and beyond, in an always-on challenging world. —You’ll be surrounded by positive and supportive people deeply invested in your success.

We don’t just think big, we do big.

If you’re ready to make a big change— in the way your company works call emPowerHouse, developing the muscle behind the strongest leaders ever built.

Our Philosophy

A company’s success is completely dependent on the success and power of its people.

In order for a company to thrive to its highest potential their employees must be strong leaders and advocates of the company. They are the foundation and the inner workings that drives the innovation and productivity of the entire organization. We instill the meaningful purpose and value that all employees are leaders, from those on the front line that serve our customers everyday to the CEO’s. Everyone plays an important role in the framework of the company, when we have a self driven purposeful group of individuals all working for the company cause… not because.


Our Values

 We’re creating a world where institutional values mirror human values, and where the strength of higher profit comes from the strength of higher purposeful people. 

We at Empowerhouse work every day to help our clients achieve both personal as well as fiscal reward that makes a positive net contribution to society. This is not our job. It is our calling. Visionary companies demand strong leaders that improve public life, our focus is on investing in building that strength.


An Empowered World

is better served

by empowered thinking and acting.

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