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 Our unique program allows participants to more fully integrate and apply The BioCode System,™ make your  leadership workout program™ into their lives. Either 1:1 or in a small group with follow up support, that is necessary to sustain significant, and lasting changes in the way they work and live.

 1:1 LEADERSHIP BioCoaching

Our acclaimed 1:1 Program is designed with tried and tested tools and methods to accelerate and facilitate outstanding business performance and personal development.We help individuals understand the costs of their current state, and introduce them to a new set of rules, strategies and practices to help them systematically build capacity.

We teach individuals the behaviors that empower their physical energy, increase their emotional resilience, sharpen their capacity for focus, and strengthen their sense of purpose. These highly specific behaviors done at precise times – participants make behavior changes that last, so that they can be fully engaged when they’re working, and truly enjoying their life when they’re not.
Our program is tailored to allow individuals to strengthen their current thinking, exercise attitudes and behavior, in a confidential and incisive 1:1 BioCoaching sessions. The sessions are dynamic and challenging, yet built within an environment of trust in a strong working partnership.
Our BioCoaching takes clients to expanded realities where they learn, develop and implement systems to transform themselves ultimately transforming their team,  those they lead, resulting in making great strides for the companies success.
The program teaches leaders how to take responsibility to develop  sustainable strength keeping themselves and their team balanced in their companies high demand, always- on workplace. The course challenges deep-seated assumptions about what it means to be a leader giving them a new system that is necessary to lead sustainably high-performing teams in the today’s fast world.

This intensive interactive learning program is specifically designed to give leaders the skills and  tools needed to handle the demands of your organization. 

We believe this investment of your leaders time will prove to be an important and rewarding experience for your company. At Empowerhouse, we realize that in order to sustain healthy relationships at the workplace, we must first invest and equip our leads with skills and tools. 

We know that as your leaders grow and develop, so does the workplace around them.The purpose of this program is to provide them with key processes, skills and practices necessary to support a culture of  performance that comes from their inner strength. This is the golden nugget that provides them with the capacity to stay engaged, productive and passionately committed to your companies success. But personal leadership results are just part of the picture.

Our companies  vision of success includes instills skills that contribute not only to the workplace but to their home life as well.  Well rounded people, enjoying all aspects of their life, are joyfully most effective give back to those around them.  The more your invested in them, the more they will sustain change and growth within your organization.




 Our partnership with you has one distinct goal—to help you build a self empowered winning workforce in which your people are excited to volunteer their best work every day. We offer customized solutions for your enterprise to drive engagement, keep top talent, and build better leaders. Our solutions combine expert 1:1 BioCoaching, and strategic consulting.


We select our clients carefully to build unique and long-term relationships. Simply put, we provide our clients with world-class insights that generate tangible and measurable impact. We seek to be positive leaders of change — for our clients, our people, and society broadly.

Ready to make your leadership workout?

Investing in your employees will help them spark, empower and lead your company even in the midst of very tough times in your industry.  We offer a new paradigm. By intentionally investing in strengthening employees’ core needs, organizations can produce sustainable high performance. We strengthen your leaders for high performance to help organizations build sustainably engaged cultures.

A workplace that really works out begins with companies truly valuing and investing in their employees well being.




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